Become the Blue Man

On my birthday this year I was in the Dominican Republic photographing a wedding with my business partner Amy Osten. She gave me a small gift, a book she had put a lot of thought into buying called The Hidden Spirituality of Men. The author is Matthew Fox. No, not Dr. Jack Shepherd on LOST, but a maverick theologian who has authored 28 books including Original Blessing, The Reinvention of Work and Creativity. You can find him at

This is a dense book, 300 pages of what looks like 8 point font, i.e., very small. As a result of that the book has unfortunately sat on my night table collecting more dust than attention. But this morning was different. This morning I picked it up, opened it randomly and was presented with this:


“The Blue Man represents the expanded consciousness and the creative compassion we are all capable of. He is an artist at life, recognizing beauty and justice and creating it.”

It goes on to talk about using creativity to overcome the challenges we face; recognizing our interdependence and interconnectedness; expanding our minds and hearts. To draw from the inexhaustible well of shared divine power and to use that power compassionately towards the myriad problems we face in the world today.

I felt inspired. I felt a shift in my focus toward my part in something bigger than myself. Did I continue reading, feeding my soul the seeds of potential greatness? No. Instead, I picked up my laptop and decided to write a blog post about my cursory contact with those couple of inspiration-filled paragraphs. Pathetic, I know, but I’m sure I’ll revisit it sometime soon. Maybe. After all, there is still the issue with that very small text…

The Hidden Spirituality of Men

The Hidden Spirituality of Men